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Workshop information updated July 13, 2017

2017 Painting Workshops

Join us for a lot fun and learn something too!

Currently booking organized workshops or private "bring your own workshops" only.   Organize a group of 4 to 6 friends, family, co-workers and we can customize a workshop to suit your particular group.

What do you want to learn?   A selection of projects are available depending on the skill you want to learn.

Painting 101

Learn the basics of proper prep., paint application, distressing methods and natural wax application.


Stenciling 101

•  S101a Learn the proper techniques to give you crisp clean lines OR
•  S101b Create a piece of art using texture mediums with stencils  OR
•  S101c Learn how easy it is to stencil on fabric

Advanced Techniques 201

Using practice boards, through hands-on application, learn how to use advanced products including

•A201a - Finishing Products:  coloured waxes, antiquing glazes, tough coat, hemp oil
•A201b – Antiquing:  dry brushing, antiquing glaze, coloured waxes, wet and dry distressing, antiquing dust, two colour resist method using wax block, crackle medium
•A201c – Texture Mediums:  Fresco/Powdered Texture, embossing paste
•A201d – Stain:  Water Base Stain, Oil stain and finish, Gel Stain (new product coming soon)
•A201e – For fun:  Learn about laser printed image transfers, transfer papers, decoupage

Just for Fun 01

•  Fun01a - Farmhouse Clocks (coming soon!)
•  Fun01b - Birch Tree Wall Art
•  Fun01c - Faux Tin Tile Wall Art with Metallic paints

One of our most popular workshops - BIRCH TREE WALL ART

Using several colours of paint and metallics, transform a 16"x20" stretched canvas into a colourful piece of woodsy wall art. This workshop is fun and a bit "artsy" and although there are tips, tricks and techniques to learn, this one is designed to let your inner artist out!

Private one-on-one "Bring Your Own" project Workshop

Private One-on-One Bring Your Own Project Workshops can be arranged to be completed at Vintage Vogue in Grimsby.   Project must be small, dining chair, side table, trunk, dresser drawers, something you can carry in yourself.  5 to 6 hours   

DURING Vintage Vogue OPEN HOURS the Cost for a private workshop is $60 PLUS MATERIALS.  (includes use of paint brushes and consumable supplies (+HST)  Photos of project are to be submitted and approval of project must be obtained prior to workshop.    Bring a friend and Save - get a two-on-one workshop for $50 each plus the cost of Products + HST. 

OUTSIDE Vintage Vogue OPOEN HOURS - The cost of Private workshops scheduled OUTSIDE of open hours will be $150 pp and will include all materials to complete your project.  Bring a friend and save - get a two on one workshop for $125 each including all materials. 

Date and time to be worked out between the instructor and the participant.   Workshops are approximately 5-6 hours long, 6 hours for a full day or 2.5 to 3 hrs split between two sessions