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2017 Painting Workshops

Join us for a lot fun and learn something too!

March Workshops for Vintage Vogue

 will be hosted by, and held at Marquis-Cavalier

 661 Reg. Road (Hwy) 8, Stoney Creek (at Fruitland Rd)

Booking for these workshops can be done in person at Vintage Vogue or directly through Marquis-Cavelier.  You can contact them via e-mail, telephone (905) 643-8866 or message on their facebook page

all workshops at Marquis include lunch or dinner and all materials required to complete the project!

Birch Tree Wall Art (Advanced Workshop)

3 to 3.5 hours in length 

$60 + HST


Tuesday, March 7th, 6 pm  FULL - Complete


Tuesday, March 28th, at 11 am 

Using several colours of paint and metallics, transform a 16"x20" stretched canvas into a colourful piece of woodsy wall art. This workshop is fun and a bit "artsy" and although there are tips, tricks and techniques to learn, this one is designed to let your inner artist out!

Lunch and all materials included to complete your Birch Tree Painting!

held at Marquis-Cavalier

 661 Reg. Road (Hwy) 8, Stoney Creek (at Fruitland Rd)

Faux Concrete Laundry/Garden/Bathroom Wall Hanger
3 hours in length - $55


Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 11 am

Transform an unfinished wooden board into a faux concrete wall hanger.  Perfect for your laundry room, garden, bathroom or pool/spa area.  Learn techniques for creating a faux concrete look using paint techniques.     

Lunch and all materials provided to complete your wall hanger!

held at Marquis-Cavalier

 661 Reg. Road (Hwy) 8, Stoney Creek (at Fruitland Rd)

Wine Stencil Linen or Burlap Pillows
Choose from White Wine Stencil or Red Wine Stencil (or 1 of each!)
3 hours in length - $50/$65


Tuesday March 14, 11 am

Pillow Stencilling on Linen or Burlap Pillow cover using Red Wine and/or White Wine Stencil. Learn the art of stencilling on fabric and create the foundation for material art! Choose between Red Wine Pillow in Cranberry and Light Grey, or White Wine Pillow in Deep Blue or Dark Grey with Light Grey stencilled on your choice of Off White Canvas Fabric Pillow Cover or Natural Burlap Pillow Cover. Cost for one pillow is $50 (for an additional $15 you can do two pillows, one White Wine Pillow and one Red Wine Pillow or two of the same!) .

Lunch and all materials provided including pillow cover and form, to complete your pillows!

held at Marquis-Cavalier

 661 Reg. Road (Hwy) 8, Stoney Creek (at Fruitland Rd)

Private one-on-one "Bring Your Own" project Workshop

Private One-on-One Bring Your Own Project Workshops can be arranged to be completed at Vintage Vogue in Grimsby.   Project must be small, dining chair, side table, trunk, dresser drawers, something you can carry in yourself.  Includes up to 6 hours of one-on-one instruction, all materials and snacks.   Cost for a private workshop is $150 +HST and includes all materials to complete your project.   Photos of project are to be submitted and approval of project must be obtained prior to workshop.    Bring a friend and get a two-on-one workshop for $120 each + HST.

Date and time to be worked out between the instructor and the participant.   Workshops are approximately 6 hours long, 6 hours for a full day (due to drying time)     or 3 hrs and 2.5 hrs split between two evenings or two days.

held at Vintage Vogue

41b Main Street West

Entrance from Rear Parking Lot (NO entrance from Main Street)

Grimsby, Ontario