Vintage VOGUE
Vintage Style Mercantile

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To help with your inspiration and decision making, here you will find some samples of Farmhouse Spool Clocks created with Vintage Vogue

Center Board - CCP Nest Egg

Outside Boards - Fusion Pebble

Aged with Graphite Glaze

Graphite glaze base, Lamp White dry brushed, wiped with damp cloth, Ash dry brushed wiped with damp cloth

Base - Sherwood Brown Stain then Vanilla Frosting, aged with Grahite Glaze

Outside Boards Ash mixed with clear glaze aged with Graphite Glaze 

Centre Board - Pebble Beach mixed with clear glaze; 2nd and 4th boards Sherwood Brown Stain

Base is Pebble Beach and Hurricane mixed together, all dry brushed with Vanilla Frosting, center board only aged with Graphite Glaze