Vintage VOGUE
at Marquis Dreamstore

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Two Fabulous DIY Re-Finishing Paints available at both locations of Vintage Vogue!

Both Paint Lines are 

  • made in Canada 
  • all-in-one products not requiring any waxing for durability
  • indoor AND outdoor
  • contain no harmful chemicals or solvents
  • water based for ease of use and cleanup
  • available in a variety of up-to-date colours, updating on a regular basis
  • also suppliers of a large variety of accompanying, enhancing and fun DIY products

Most products and a full range of colours from both lines are available at Vintage Vogue's Grimsby Location.   A large selection of colours and products are also available to purchase at:

Marquis-Cavalier, 661 Hwy. 8 (just east of Fruitland Rd., Stoney Creek).     

Click on the paint line from below for more information and to see their specific products.

FUSION Mineral Paint