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GROUP - 101 Painting - BYO Project 

101 Learn to Paint - BRING YOUR OWN PROJECT - Group

Description Details:

This GROUP version of the Bring your Own Project is not currently scheduled, however, PRIVATE one-on-one Bring Your Own Project workshops can be arranged.    Please see details HERE for a private workshop

  • Bring in your own small project piece (ie chair, small chest, side table, 2 or 3 drawers from a dresser)
  • you must be able to carry your own piece up a set of stairs.  If you need assistance, please arrange to bring someone with you
  • Time covers project preparation, painting techniques, 2 coats of one colour paint, distressing, waxing and lots of tips and tricks to help you with future projects on your own!
  • It is NOT recommended to paint white or off-white over a dark piece in this workshop as 3 coats are generally required for full opaque coverage.  There is insufficient dry time between 3 coats in the time allotted to do a proper job in one day. 

Location of Workshops:   

13 Mountain Street, Carriage House at rear of property

Grimsby, Ontario

PLEASE NOTE:  All Workshops are held on the second floor of the Carriage House with stair access only.